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RAF Championships So Today was day four and the end of this years RAF Clay Pigeon Shooting Champions

So Today was day four and the end of this years RAF Clay Pigeon Shooting Championships.

This event is like having our family over for the week but after the last year I have to say this year was a bit special. Just being able to stand and talk have a good night in and enjoy the company of such wonderful people was really nice.

We have been hosting this event for 18 years and our involvement has kept growing but to be able to be a supporter makes my team very proud.

There has been some fantastic shooting over the whole event along with our best ever sporting layout to date (not my words) but those of the competitors big shout out to Alan Sharp and Kev Johnston.

We will keep striving to make each year bigger and better can I thank everyone that attended and helped with making everything run so well your help and support means more than you could ever know.

And to the team at Nottingham Clay Shooting I am amazingly proud of you all I ask a lot and you never disappoint of course it wouldn’t be the same without Julie Havill and Dave Hinchliffe and it was great to have Julia Fell James Lambert and Laura Smith as part of the crew.

A special thank you has to go to Kieley Cooper who just steps up and shines and her wing man Ash Cooper.

Until next time take care fly safe and keeping doing what you do best.


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