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6th November 2022 Belvoir DTL Championship Results

Today we hosted the Belvoir DTL Championships and to say it was tricky would be generous shooting though thick fog until about 12 made it somewhat interesting. But with that said it was Dave Hinchliffe on the very first squad who set the bench mark for a good part of the day. As the fog cleared two higher scores appeared on the board with Chris Morris Coming in as runner up leaving our newly supported shooter Rob Denoon claiming over all high gun and Dave Hinchliffe taking the Veterans Trophy. Our Junior high gun shooting with her new gun was the ever improving Olivia Stevens and not be out shone by her husband Chris. Ladies high gun went to Hazel Morris. Fantastic shooting today everyone in some very autumnal weather thank you to all that came and to all that joined us in a two minutes silence to honour our fallen brothers and sisters. Congratulations to all of our winners and a big shout out to my team that make these events run like clock work.


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