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East Midlands DTL Championship

After a cool and breezy start, glorious bright sunshine greeted a bumper turnout of 95 shooters who descended on Nottingham & District GC for the East Midlands Regional DTL Championships. There was excellent

representation from all of the 8 counties that make up the East Midlands region, and many other shooters from as far away as Essex and Buckinghamshire.

The final results meant three shooters, Curtis Woolley and Adrian Snell both from Nottinghamshire, and Paul Smith from Lincolnshire tied on 100/299.

In a tense shoot off all three shooters scored a straight 25/75, followed by a second round of 25 Single Barrel which saw Paul missing his sixth target out to finish on 24, Adrian Snell missing his 18th and 21st bird and the ever cool and collected Curtis Woolley, who is no stranger to shoot offs, shooting a perfect 25, making Curtis the East Midlands Regional Champion.

Our other shooters also had success - Hayley Denoon was awarded the ladies bronze medal; Ken Rimington third place in veterans; George Lewis in second in Juniors followed by Freddy Brown who finished in 3rd place.

Thanks as always to all the shooters for their continued support.

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